Magna Wave PEMF works at the cellular level to produce optimal cellular energy and health. The main focus is the cell and its health. 
Nothing happens in the body without electromagnetic exchange. Cells are activated and are able to work because of that electromagnetic energy. When that energy gets depleted, that is when cells become sick. As a result there is not enough ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), or voltage, in a cell. When cells become injured or stressed, the body creates a low power electrical signal to heal itself. PEMF mimics the bodies natural signals to activate the normal healing process stimulating the growth and repair of tissues.


Keith Holden, MD, Dipl. ABIM, a physician with an interest in energy-based therapies, summarized the results of more than 30 human studies on PEMF in a 2012 scientific article. He concluded that “PEMF therapy has scientifically documented beneficial effects on multiple biological tissues ranging from bone to brain. The reason for these beneficial effects is because PEMF therapy triggers a cascade of biological processes that supports ailing tissues.”The Horse Magazine


PEMF is a natural method of treatment and can be used to treat a wide verity of issues. Major causes of cell injury are:
-Mechanical trauma such as sprains, dislocations, muscle tears, fractures, any sort of injury.
Pain is a signal from our nervous system telling us that something is wrong. Pain is transmitted by very tiny nerve fibers in our skin, blood vessels, and muscles, to even larger nerves, moving up the extremities to the largest nerves in our signal cord and brain. Magna Wave decreases the firing of nerves, and can help bruised or swollen nerves recover.


Magna Wave PEMF allows for more oxygen intake. Red blood cells separate in minutes in response to restored electrical charge, which allows for more surface area to transport oxygen. Look at blood under a microscope that has a low electric charge, the red blood cells are clustered together. Restricting surface area for optimal oxygen and nutrients delivery. After using the machine, the red blood cells are de-clustered. Increases the cellular level of oxygen absorption up to 200%. The move more fluidly, restoring optimal efficiency. Thermo-images show the body rising in temperature, meaning circulation has increased.