• Carol Crabtree

Exotic Animals Benefit from PEMF!

Horses are such a good candidate for PEMF because of how much stress we put on their bodies, and how receptive they are to treatments. Horses have clear distinct signs that let us know they are enjoying their sessions with Magna Wave. Just watch how much horses yawn or blink their eyes, it's truly amazing.

Since Magna Wave machines work at a cellular level, any animal can benefit! PEMF penetrates cells and even bone to help the body health. This machine has been proven to repair bone. That fact continues to shock me.

I have personally put my Magna Wave machine on a Dromedary camel that had spent a couple months giving camel rides, he is also older and has signs of arthritis. After his treatment, he had more energy than I have ever seen him have! He clearly was feeling good.

Even birds can heal using the power of PEMF. Wild birds can end up in rehabilitation facilities due to injuries, such as broken wings and legs, torn ligaments, injured spines and eye problems. These issues can come from being hit by cars, usually when diving for food or eating trash or carrion off the side of the road. Magna Wave is quiet, painless, and heatless.

Wild animals, especially birds, get very stressed when handled by humans, they have instincts that tell them to be afraid and to avoid humans. The Magna Wave machines are so quiet, it does not add to the stress of the animal.

True North Equine, a Magna Wave practitioner located in Michigan, was contacted by a raptor center about an injured bald eagle. The eagle had some broken bones and torn ligament. After weeks of PEMF treatments and a few more months of recovery, the bald eagle was released back to the wild. What an amazing recovery story! (Check them out here

Treatment times are determined by the animals size and the severity of the injury or swelling. Most treatments start out being short sessions at a low frequency, this is a great way to introduce the pulsing sensation the machine gives off. It can also help identify other areas where there is sensitivity.

My next adventure is to combine my experience with exotic animals, my training and Magna Wave knowledge to help wild and exotic animals. What a cool job that would be!

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